Monday, 1 November 2010

Hindu and Proud to be one

Yes, I am a Hindu and am proud of being one.

An assertion that quite a few would find strange in this day and age when you see honour killings, forced marriages, dowry deaths, just to state a few of the ailments from which this ancient philosophy suffers.

Yes, I used the word philosophy instead of religion because Hinduism is a philosophy, a sort of complete water-cycle in which several different clouds of water arise from the same great ocean only to return to the ocean, which is why you see certain basic similarities and beliefs in all the paths that have started from this philosophy.

But it has been centuries since people actually forgot the ocean and started thinking that their little clouds were the origin and the end. I am Hindu. But I don't belong to one of the small clouds but to the ocean. I believe in God and sacred ancient Hindu texts including Vedas. So this is a series of articles in which I'll try to answer some questions that I often ask myself, as a Hindu, and the answers that I found after thinking for a long time, reading and as a result of some long winded discussions with some learned men and women.


  1. Bravo Ritu. This was much needed in blogosphere where much bashing of this ancient religion goes on. Some crisp answers to tricky questions is what is the order of the day. Waiting for the first of the series.

    Btw, I see your name in the tweets mentioning my posts along with Vineet's. Thanks. Would love to see your comment on my posts sometime! :)

  2. Thanks zephyr :-) (sorry, couldn't figure out your name). I hope that I can live up to your expectations. BTW the first question and answer are already on-line. Yes, you guessed it right - I read your blogposts.