Sunday, 20 November 2016

Let There be Peace

Why fight when we are one?

One thing is common in all religions – Brm.

Hindus call him ‘Parampita Brahm’ (The Highest/ supreme/ ultimate father Bramh).   Pay attention that we “h” is not really pronounced as it is usually pronounced in Hindi and Sanskrit.  And the ‘A’ in "Brahma" (as it is pronounced these days) is a recent addition thanks to English because they didn’t understand that ‘a’ is inherent in the ‘ma’ and there’s some difference in ‘ma’ and ‘maa’.

Jews call him Abraham originally AbramBrhm is common between Hinduism and Judaism.
Parampita Bramh’ is one of the “Tridev” (Three Gods/ Deities/ Giants).

Also, for Jews, he is one of the “three” patriarchs.  Again Three is common between the two oldest religions.

Now, Saraswati is the wife Bramh.

And who is the wife of Abrahm?  Sarah.

Again common roots “Sara” between the two names.

Of course there are books and articles that say that Brahma is not mentioned in Vedas.  Now they can't say that Saraswati, too, isn't mentioned.  Here's a verse from Rigved (the first ved according to some people) -

It is the 10th Verse of the 3rd Sukta of Rigved and it speaks of Saraswati that makes us pure, gives "us" food, intelligence and wealth and requests her to make the Yagya successful with knowledge and karmas (deeds, works, etc.).

And here's another one with Ila, Saraswati and Mahi in Atharvaveda Sukta 3 on page 4 and is Verse 10 of Rigved.

First the alphabet "L" is not written as we write it today.  I've heard that they used to write it like that in Devanagri till a few decades ago and it's with time that they actually changed it.

Also, most Hindus have never heard of a Divinity (or Goddess) called Ila and are surprised to discover that this word actually exists in... Arabic... what's even more surprising is that it means illah/ ellah = God .. as in God of seas, God of Love .. etc ..; spelled (إله) in Arabic, and pronounced (e-lah).

But it seems that 'Ila' is mentioned in Purans but the modern Hindus have forgotten that divinity.

And here's one in which Bramh is mentioned.

It's Brahma who's mentioned in Verse 5 of Sukta 15 on Page 17 of Rigved.  Here' the prayer is for Indra who is requested to drink Somras from the vessel of a yogi who's ealised Brahma because he's a close friend that person and/ or Brahma (not clear from this Verse).

So the people who say that Brahma and Saraswati aren't mentioned in Vedas have to think again because if you have vedas you can read and find these verses and many more and that in Rigveda which is said to be the oldest Veda.  Yes, both are mentioned in Vedas.  All you need is some time (a lot) to read.

Hindus don’t know the time of Parampita Bramh.  

The Jews, too, don’t know the exact date when Abrahm existed.  It can’t be related to any specific time. 

So true for both.

And if you read carefully, you can actually see the similarities but then one has to know things and analyse not just say to appear as the Supreme Being.

Many other faiths came later and inherited similar stories. 

Christians call him – Abraham, normal because Christianism started from the west where there were more Jews.   

And Muslims call him Ibrahim. Again, same region, the region where Jews used to live.

So what is the reason behind all these fights in this world?

Why quarrel?  The reason – simple - some people want to rule and want everyone to agree with what they are saying and do what they want.  Why agree?  Why not agree to disagree?  Why not accept each other and stop all these stupid fights and continue on the Path of Bramh / Abram / Abrahm / Abraham / Ibrahim and Saraswati and Sara?

But think what we can achieve if we worked together?  If all of us accepted each other and our differences then wouldn’t this world be much more beautiful?

OK you are poor then work harder, use your brains and achieve what your ancestors couldn’t.  Why show that I am the biggest of ‘em all?

Why not become one of everyone in this universe?

Why say that my faith is the best when the beginning is the same?  It’s just that some people wanted to rule and be better so…

Are you really giving something to this earth, life and humanity?

If not, then why do all this?

Why all these differences?

Think.  Think before you act.  Why only negative reaction all the time?  Why not proper and rational thought?

Your leader told you this… so what?  Change the leader.  Refuse to accept someone like that as a leader and if no follower then no leader.

Real equality starts when you accept yourself as the leader of your own life.  You are what you are.  No one can rule over you.  You decide for yourself and it’s OK as long as you don’t hurt or harm any other living being.  Why bow your heads before other “men” or “women”?

If you must then bow it only in front of God (in whatever form you think him/ her to be).  When one does Namaste, it’s in front of the soul, that’s part of God, that one bows one’s head.  The body doesn’t count.  All living beings are equal.  Why fight?  Why kill?

Let peace dawn on this world.  Real peace comes from our acts and our inner peace is the beginning of everything.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

And the circle continues...

These days people keep on talking about things without really going into the history. Oh! This family is the one that owns everything. They do everything in the world.
But do this people who believe in all these stories full of conspiracy theories actually know ABC about the families that they are talking about?
Were these families not like ours to begin with? But they earned money because they worked hard and used their brains while others were busy doing God knows what. I don't believe in conspiracy theories. I know that God has given me a brain and two hands and I can win anyday.
And no, I don't believe in the power of families and that oh! they are doing this etc etc.
How can they do this?
Simply because they have money.
But why?
Well, others want part of that fortune.
Well, it's easy money.
Whose fault is it?
It is the fault of that family.
Their faut because they have money.
Why do they have money?
It's ancestral property.
How did they get that property?
Their ancestors gave it to them.
How did their ancestors get it?
Their ancestors gave it to them.
And why don't you have that much money?
Our ancestors didn't give us anything.
They didn't have anything.
Yes, no reply. I am not talking about people who were tortured and were targets of genocide. They have managed to rise above that.
The poor of this world are those whose ancestors had the opportunity but... God knows what was more important.
Chandragupta Maurya was a poor boy. But he rose to found a big Kingdom. Why? Simply because he accepted and respected the teacher who found him and helped. He worked hard on that path. God had given him a brain and two hands. He used those.
If your ancestors didn't do anything, it is not someone else's fault. Is it?
If you don't do anything, then you will continue this whole story till eternity. Your descendants will be in the same state in which you are. Whose fault will it be?
Of course, that of others.
Why? Why not yours?
You complain about Rockefeller family?
But do you know the first man that we are talking about?
His name was?
Sorry, I didn't get it.
Oh! You don't know. Was he really rich?
eh... again this lack of reply. Why?
So why do you keep complaining about these people?
They are rich and they rule the world.
What stops you from getting rich?
I have no money. I didn't inherit anything.
Does that mean that you can't create a paradise of your own?
That's really difficult.
So it was easy for the Rockfeller family?
Well, they have it.
Now, just have a look at this one -
The Rockefeller legacy began with a 16-year-old bookkeeper in Cleveland, Ohio, whose greatest ambitions were to earn $100,000 and live 100 years. His formal business training included a ten-week class in accounting, as well as a con-artist father who was known to say, “I cheat my boys every chance I get. I want to make ‘em sharp,” according to the biography John D. Rockefeller: Anointed with Oil... (Please click the link to read more)
Now think, who was the first one of this family to earn a lot of money? A man who worked as a bookkeeper at the age of 16.
Was he born rich?
Doesn't seem so. Else he wouldn't have worked as a bookkeeper. Do you think he did it just for fun?
So please think before you start spreading stories. If Rockfellers are rich today then it's simply because they used their brains and two hands that God gave them. But God gives those to all human beings. We have the same opportunity. It depends on them.
Complaining won't get us anywhere. We must use the brain and two hands that God gave us.
It's our turn.
Let's do it.
No need to be violent.
Just brain and two hands. A lot of intelligence and hard-work.
Are you willing?
Or do you just want to complain, complain and complain...
It's difficult.
I'm sure it is. It must have been difficult for William Rockfeller too. Or was it fun?
Think before you speak. Think before you accuse.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Jealousy Reigns in the heart of 'Modern' People

Some people don't study hard when they are kids. Why? God knows why. Maybe they are too lazy. Then when they are older and can't earn the same as those who got educated they start shouting that it is unfair.
I am not being inhuman. I am being realist.
I know some people who worked hard when they were children and today they are leading a comfortable life just like any educated person does.
One person, of higher caste (oh it's so important for the press) lost his father when he was 6 years' old. His parents were poor and he was not an only child. He had no choice but to sell second/ third/ fourth hand used books, magazines and newspapers on the road when he was a child. But he didn't go home and sleep. He worked hard and he studied hard, too. Of course, given his poverty he didn't have the money to go to private (called Public in India) schools. He studied in a government school.
He worked day and night. Then he succeeded in breaking that bond that stopped him... the bond of lack of education.
Today, he is an example. I consider him to be more successful than I have ever been. I am proud of him (though he is not from my family but is from my family of living beings as is taught in Hinduism). He is a human being par excellence.
We tax-payers pay taxes. Government uses these taxes to operate government/ municipality schools where children can study for free.
We, in India, have book banks in schools. Children can get books from the book banks because once you pass the class, you don't need the same text-books in the next class so donate it and other children can take and use the same books.
These are not created by aliens but by human beings… no, not by foreigners or by people of another religion, but by us.
But some people don't use these and then you cry foul because some people are better off than you today. But did you work as hard as they did?
I remember the story of Dheerubhai Ambani. He was not from a rich family. He was a poor man, too. But he worked hard… really hard. And thanks to his work and intelligence and ability to risk all that he had, today, his family, his children are rich.
So why should we feel jealous of him? Did he steal something from our house? So many people work for Reliance industries. Of course, they are not as rich. But where would they be had Sh. Dheerubhai Ambani not done anything, not taken any risk?
Several years ago, they made a movie about him. Of course, it never became a blockbuster. Maybe it's not 100% true (as it is a movie) but still it taught me how important it is to work harder.
Look at today's politicians who cry unfair because Ambanis are so rich. Your parents didn't do anything that is not Ambanis' fault. You can do something so that your children have a better life. Of course, you are not Ambani. Do little that you can. Don't depend on others. That's the lesson we learn. We have to work hard. Dreaming is not enough.
Hard work is the key to success. Of course, you can't succeed a lot if you are not intelligent and/ or if you don't study and work hard as a kid.
Two examples: Examples of people of different castes. But their lives were difficult. If they succeeded, it was because they were intelligent and hard-working.
You may say that I am lazy but I am not rich. But I am not materialist or jealous of the two either. I am proud that in India poor people can become rich if they are intelligent and hard-working. Of course, some politicians and materialists will keep shouting against the Ambanis because they are rich and those who shout are from middle class families. I won't. My happiness doesn't lie in money. I have enough to eat. That's enough for me.
My role model has never been someone like Ambani.
My role model was and is Madame Marie Curie. She led a difficult life but I would have loved to be at least half as good and happy as she was with little that she had.
What about you?

Saturday, 12 March 2016

We study Indian History. Do we really?

Recently I watched a documentary about the excellence of Roman empire. A pity that none of our directors ever made such beautiful documentary about our civilisation. It is one of the most ancient places where certain things existed but no... they look at India from the point of view of those who attacked and want to teach what the attackers wanted to teach.
This documentary speaks of a technique of heating and the technique that they show also existed in several palaces and forts in India. Only it was used to reduce the temperature in Indian forts and palaces.
BC and AD have become BCE and CE. CE - Common Era and BCE - Becore Common Era.
But remember that before Christ we had our own Common Eras in Asia and Indian Subcontinent.
Do you remember - Vikrami Samvat and Shak Samvat?
Of course, a country and civilisation that lost the war becomes submissive and we have remained submissive even when India has become a Free Nation.
We are more in number. But we want to resemble the attackers. Hey, look at what they and their countries were before they came to India. How did they live? Oh, may be you think our ancestors would have loved to live the way they lived. Or may be you would.
Oh! Hinduism was so bad. Our Kshatriyas had no choice but to protect the people and be Kings. They were never so rich, that third lowest caste (as the foreigners call them) had so much power. They had all the money and were so rich that they could lend money to the Kings and Kings owed them the money.
And Brahmins! So called the highest caste! Ha ha ha
The sociologists and communists would laugh.
How can someone who is so poor be of the highest caste, the highest class. They never had enough money, no big mansions, nothing. They were beggars for the modern people who think so highly of material world. Highest caste! Poor people who had nothing?
Even the royal priest, the Prime Minister, didn't have a palace. And you want us to believe that they were of the highest caste? Even Chanakya lived in a hut! And you respect him?
They spoke of Mohanbhog. One would think ah delicious meal with lots of delicious dishes. But remember what they said - Mohanbhog - One must eat whatever one can have. Even boiled kaaley cholle, chickpeas, taste like Mohanbhog when one is really hungry. So that's what they ate? And they gave such a special name to this food? So stupid!
But in India, we were different. We respected them because they were our teachers. They knew more than we did. They spent their time studying. Nothing else. Just teachers, doctors, scientists!
Strange? But that was India about which no one teaches now.
We are impressed by Ayurveda. But do you know that Chyavanprash was discovered by a biological scientist whom they used to call a Rishi. One of the things that he discovered is sold as Chyavanprash today.
But do we know? Do we care?
It is just a tonic.
Really, we have learnt a lot. We know our history so well. Don't we?
Of course, the conquerors write history. Let's follow what they teach us. Let's follow their orders.
They still have the paths that we Indians call 'galli'. And they are still beautiful. How many 'gallis' do you have in your village and/ or city?

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Faith and Forgiveness

I read an excerpt from Mahabharata that set me thinking about the question of Hindu Terrorism:

एकवर्णं यथा दुग्धं भिन्नवर्णासु धेनुषु |
तथैव धर्मवैचित्र्यं तत्त्वमेकं परं स्मॄतम् //

जिस प्रकार विभिन्न रंगों वाली गाय एक ही रंग का दूध देती हैं उसी प्रकार सभी धर्म अलग प्रतीत होते हुए भी एक ही ईश्वर का संदेश देते हैं

। ------महाभारत  


Just as cows of different colours give milk of same colour similarly even though all religions appear different yet they give us message of the same God.

That is why Hindus don’t try to convert people; Hindus don’t attack people of other religions to force them to convert to Hinduism.  It is the most secular religion in the world (that doesn’t denigrate other religions and it is sad that some people try to portray otherwise simply because of vote-bank politics.

Hinduism may have influenced other religions but never have we attacked or killed people.

Isn’t it evident from the fact that the Hindi/ Sanskrit word for religion also means righteousness and duty?  In fact, Hinduism is not a religion in the strict sense of the word.  It is a philosophy.

Now compare it with other religions.  We have heard of Crusades ( ( and Jihad ( (   Have you ever wondered what are these and from where these terms originate?

If you see the definition of Jihad in Merriam Webster, you’ll notice that the word Crusade is used there as well:


: a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty; also: a personal struggle in devotion to Islam especially involving spiritual discipline


: a crusade for a principle or belief

We know how active some people have been on the name of Crusade and Jihad.  They’ve forced/ enticed/ attacked people of other religions simply to convert them to follow their belief.  Why can’t (or couldn’t) they be happy with the diversity prevalent in this world?
Have you heard that Hindus attacked other countries in order to convert them to Hinduism?  Undoubtedly there must have been a time when they could have done so but did they do so?  Hinduism has an inbuilt check for such things.  We are allowed multiplicity of beliefs.  Nothing stops us from going to religious place of another religion (and not with an aim to destroy it) and pray because we believe that God is everywhere.  Still those who believe in omnipresent and omniscient God try to destroy places of worship and beliefs of others.  Why?
I believe that God is so powerful that he/she doesn’t need us to protect him/her.  My faith is strong enough in that Supreme Being that I can go to a church and pray to my Krishna.  I don’t need to destroy the place or convert others around me.  If the poison given to Meera could become ‘amrit’ (nectar) then why wouldn’t the wine and bread in church be converted to ‘charnamrit’ and ‘prasad’?  All that is required is faith that it’s the same God everywhere and everyone needn’t believe in the same things in which I believe.

I am a Hindu.  I don’t feel the need to convert others.  My faith is strong enough that external factors wouldn’t affect it.  So regardless of how many temples terrorists/ missionaries of other religions destroy, there is one temple that they can’t destroy… and that temple is in my heart and soul. 

My Krishna resides there and keeps me on the right path – the path of love and forgiveness.  But I am not a weakling.  My faith is also my strength.  Remember, only the righteous and really strong people have the power to love and forgive eternally.  On the other hand, if there really was a crusade by Hindus where will the world be today?  

Monday, 13 August 2012

Cherry Blossoms - Part 6 (END)

            But he had no choice but to think things over now.  He was beginning to understand how difficult it was going to be and he was in no mood to let Arnav off the hook like others had done.  He was preparing himself for a long-drawn battle starting with his own family because he was sure that they won’t agree to his approach.  They would have preferred some other way of getting rid of the person who had harmed their family.  But for Krishna it was not just a question of ego but justice.  He wanted everyone to know who Arnav really was. 

            As he prepared for the battle, he could see that Sneha was slowly fading away… he was worried.  

            Meanwhile, Sneha felt as a mere observer of all that was happening around her.  She had never been a chirpy and lively person.  But slowly, her smile faded away.  She saw others look at her questioningly but she had no longer the courage or force to say anything.  She had suddenly realised how fragile she was.  She didn’t want to harm anyone and felt that by punishing Arnav she was actually going to kill her own spirit.  She was a non-violent person who believed in forgiving and forgetting.  But this was so hard to forgive or forget.  Arnav had taken away her childhood… he had killed her spirit and now he was going to kill her by making her do things that were against her nature.  The sadness in her eyes hurt.  And her silence froze all questions.  Krishna was too busy trying to get Arnav punished to pay any attention to his wife for whom he was doing all this.  

            Sneha’s silent and sadness pushed Krishna further and further away from her.  She no longer felt attached to anything and one day Krishna woke up to find her gone.  He searched everywhere like a dutiful husband but in a way he felt relieved because this was making him feel so hollow inside.  He had never told Sneha how he couldn’t bear to see her sad and silent and had thought that she knew… 

            And Sneha was feeling so lonely.  She hadn’t left any note, nothing.  No one knew whether she was dead or alive.  Whatever the case might be she hadn’t used her credit cards or bank account.  They had searched for her for some days, some had continued for some months, only Krishna continued to hope against hope that she’d return to him one day.  He felt guilty but there wasn’t much he could do.  He had failed where he wanted to succeed.  Everyone wanted him to remarry but Sneha was the essence of his being and he couldn’t think of leaving her even when she had left him.  His love for her grew with every day that passed and no one could ever replace her in his heart.  One day, fed up of being pressurised, he went to the temple and renounced the world.  He had done his own last rites and no longer belonged to this world.  He was alive but life had gone out of him long ago. 

            Sneha had always known what he was doing and had done her best to help but there was little that she could do for him from where she was.  Tears welled up in her eyes again and as another cherry blossom fell at her feet she saw Arnav go to another little girl… another Sneha?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cherry Blossoms - Part 5

            "Krishna, I hope you know what it means to register a case of CSA in our country, and that too against someone as rich and influential as Arnav."
            "Raghav, I know that it's not going to be easy.  But..."
            "Easy?"  Raghav interrupted, "Krishna, not only is it going to be an uphill task but extremely dangerous as well.  And I am not talking about your, Sneha's or your families' reputation."
            "Reputation?  Have you seen how Sneha is suffering?  I am rich enough to silence the whole world and as they say even a bad reputation is a reputation.  My family's reputation has been built during hard times and hardships will strengthen it further, if anything.  Only middle-class or nouveau-riche people care about reputation.  People like us don't give a damn about what others say.  We tread on dangerous roads and continue the journey.  This will set an example for anyone who dares play or even think of playing with us or our sentiments."
            Raghav was stunned to hear these words from the scion of one of the most esteemed families of the country.  He looked doubtful but remained silent.
            Krishna broke the silence.
            "Raghav, all I want to know is what should I do to get Arnav behind the bars.  What does the law say?"
            "Krishna, the problem is that our law, like the society, is silent about the matter."
            "Well, you see, in our country Child Sexual Abuse is a matter of shame just like rape.  People don't want to admit that it exists.  As a result, there is no legal framework for CSA or victims of CSA.  There have been efforts by some individuals and NGOs in this direction.  But there's not been much progress."
            Krishna was shocked to silence.
            "You mean Arnav will get away with his crime?"
            "Well, firstly, beware that it's going to be a very long war.  There will be several battles that you'll have to fight before you can think of winning the war.  One thing that Arnav can't say is that Sneha gave her consent and so it was a consensual relationship.  Our law is very clear about it.  One can't sign any contract till one is18.  So she is actually safe on that front.  From what you told me, it appears that she was subjected to CSA when she was 4-5 years old and it continued till she was 10-12 years old.  So in no way could she give her consent.  Now, as it will be treated as rape, they'll ask for a proof.  It's easy to accuse someone but how will she prove it?  She was just a child so she didn't understand it and so she was not ever examined by doctors for the same.  So all possible medical and forensic evidence, including DNA, has disappeared forever."
            Krishna was listening silently.  He had never thought about all this.