Thursday, 18 August 2011

Accuweather – No more unpredictable weather

I have been planning to go on a vacation for some time now, but it is really difficult to plan one because of unpredictable weather. At times I carry loads of clothes just to be on the safe-side while at others I am not as equipped as I should be.

Take the example of something that happened just a few days ago. I had an appointment at my parlour. All of us know that Delhi is a big city where weather changes within 5 minutes as well as within a mile. As I walked outside in the sun, I thought of taking an umbrella but decided against it. After all it was burning hot and I was going by metro. I offered a silent prayer for rain and nice weather and continued on my way.

Looking back, how I wish I'd prayed for something else! Guess God was feeling particularly kind towards me that day. The moment I got out of the metro, I noticed that the floor appeared wet. I muttered something about careless people and continued on my way. Just as I was going to walk out of the station, I saw a crowd standing near the stairs. One look outside was enough to understand the reason. It was raining cats and dogs. I love rains per se. But I was not prepared. I waited for about 15 – 20 minutes hoping that it will stop. I was getting late so I decided to continue on my way. By the time I arrived for my appointment I was completely drenched. It was really embarrassing. How I wish I could predict the unpredictable Delhi weather?

And can you believe my luck? I found an application that can help me plan my day, weekend as well as vacation and help avoid such inconvenient situations.

It's called accuweather - an Intel application. Just choose any location in the world and you can see the weather forecast for 15 days and this for every hour. Simply check out the map of an area to find out what the weather is going to be like.

You can even see the lifestyle you'll have at a given place.

If you plan to go out either for just a few hours in the neighbourhood or for a week abroad, I suggest that you give it a try. At least you won't end up over or under prepared. Enjoy your trip and wish that the weather-gods will be kind with you... and stop worrying because even if they're not, it's not impossible to plan for it ;-)

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  1. Now I can know the weather even if I'm indoor :)

    Here is my post to create mobile apps in seconds :

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