Monday, 24 October 2011

Autumn: Time to share warmth and sunshine

As leaves change colour and drop paving my path with yellow, orange, rust and red coloured rainbow that challenges the flowers of spring, I remember the cherished spring that was on my doorsteps just a few months ago.  Autumn is as beautiful as any other season.  While some people go into depression, I can't help but marvel at the beauty that unfolds slowly in front of me.

The great painter that God, or nature or whatever you call it, is has once again managed to surpass itself and surprise us all.  When I see people running all over the place shouting and crying, I can't help but pity them because all that they are searching for is right there, in front of their eyes.  And on top of that it is free.

I feel too many people are ignoring it.  Therefore, I am going to share all that I see with my readers.  All the beauty that is in your reach... and you don't need to do anything to see it... simply open your eyes.  Still so many of us ignore it or can't see it through their glasses tinted with so many other negative feelings... I'll share some of it with you because it is there and you, my readers, deserve to enjoy it.

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