Friday, 10 February 2012

Cherry Blossoms Part - 3

            "Sneha is very ill," Krishna was saying. 
            "Shoplifting..." thought Raghav.  Or maybe Sneha wanted to write her will.  Other than that he couldn't see why would Krishna come to him?  He was a lawyer, not a doctor, for heaven's sake.  But he remained silent.  He wasn't there to judge people.  His job was to help his client to the best of his ability.  And it was important to be attentive.  He was a good listener but this was so unusual.  So he worked hard and concentrated to listening to what Krishna was saying.
            "Sneha is very ill.  Though I know it's not her fault and we have found the cause but we don't know how to act on what we have found and if there is anything we can do."
            "But if she is sick then you should take her to a doctor.  I am not one.  But if you want I can suggest some good ones."
            "It's not that."
            "Then what is it?"
            "Well, she is sick because she has found something that happened long ago."
            "When she was very young, someone took undue advantage of her innocence and took away her innocence.  Somehow, she had suffered a sort of amnesia and it all came back to her recently."
            "Are you sure of this?"
            "Yes, I am."
            "You know often some people speak like this just to make others' interested in themselves, especially people like Sneha who are simple and who haven't done anything in their lives."
            "Raghav!" Krishna felt anger rise within, "Be careful.  You are talking about Sneha, my wife."
            "I know, Krishna.  But how can you be so sure that all this is true."
            "I am sure because I was with her all the time when she was going through that hell.  I was there when the psychologist hypnotised her and made her remember all that.  I was there when she would sob the nights and tremble at every sound.  I was there."  Krishna was almost shouting. 
            Raghav was glad that his office was sound-proof.  Otherwise, regardless of whether they had signed a non-disclosure agreement or not, the way Krishna's voice was reverberating in the office everyone would have known and it was serious, really serious. 

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