Monday, 31 October 2011

7 billionth Baby

O you, who have not yet been born and whom everyone awaits, who art thou?

Once upon a time, the world waited for Krishna, who'd end the atrocities of his maternal uncle Kansa and deliver the world bringing a reign of love and peace.  Then there were these three wise men who went in search of a little child who'd be the king of Jews and followed the star of Bethlehem.  And today, the whole world is waiting eagerly to welcome another child.  Google and Twitter have become the modern day versions of star of Bethlehem.  So what is so special about this child?  Is it a religious figure or a miracle?  What is the destiny of this child?

Click and search on Google and we have the information that it may be born in either India or Philippines.  According to United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Philippines is the 12th most populous country in the world with 94.9 million people while India is the second with a population of 1,210,193,422.  1.35% of the world's population lives in Philippines while India is home to 17.36% of world's population.  The GDP of Philippines is 199,591 million US$ while that of India is 1,631,970 million US$.  In terms of Per Capita Income, Philippines ranks 125th with a PCI of 3920 International dollars and India is just a little behind at 129 with a PCI of 3408 International dollars.  According to Forbes India ranks 115 in the list of world's happiest countries whereas Philippines is at 94.  The Credit Rating of India and Philippines is BBB- and BB respectively.

In these circumstances what hope does this much welcomed 7 billionth baby have?  Will that child be happier or healthier than the rest of its compatriots?  Why are we so excited about it?  Have we done such an excellent job of taking care of those who are already on this planet? 

O the 7 billionth amongst us, I wish we could promise you the heavens and not just to you but to each and every human being who is here among us!  But unfortunately, we live in difficult times.  Economic crisis has made us even more vulnerable than we used to be.  So many people are homeless.  Banks have gone bankrupt.  Governments are corrupt.  It is going to be a cold winter... a very cold winter.  I hope you'll survive the hardships and become a symbol of successful survival rather than just a number.  You will be here soon.  And we always welcome all births.  We'll welcome you even if we don't have anything but a few drops of holy water from the Ganges and this even if you missed being the 7 billionth baby by a couple of numbers.  We, those who are already here today, welcome you with love and blessings and not just because you are a number but because you are a beautiful gift of a mother to the humanity and have come with the promise that despite of all difficulties, the humanity can and will survive.

Regardless of who you are, where you will be born, which will be your religion, remember, you'll be first and foremost a human being, a citizen of world because today the whole world is waiting for you as its seven billionth child.

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