Monday, 14 March 2016

Jealousy Reigns in the heart of 'Modern' People

Some people don't study hard when they are kids. Why? God knows why. Maybe they are too lazy. Then when they are older and can't earn the same as those who got educated they start shouting that it is unfair.
I am not being inhuman. I am being realist.
I know some people who worked hard when they were children and today they are leading a comfortable life just like any educated person does.
One person, of higher caste (oh it's so important for the press) lost his father when he was 6 years' old. His parents were poor and he was not an only child. He had no choice but to sell second/ third/ fourth hand used books, magazines and newspapers on the road when he was a child. But he didn't go home and sleep. He worked hard and he studied hard, too. Of course, given his poverty he didn't have the money to go to private (called Public in India) schools. He studied in a government school.
He worked day and night. Then he succeeded in breaking that bond that stopped him... the bond of lack of education.
Today, he is an example. I consider him to be more successful than I have ever been. I am proud of him (though he is not from my family but is from my family of living beings as is taught in Hinduism). He is a human being par excellence.
We tax-payers pay taxes. Government uses these taxes to operate government/ municipality schools where children can study for free.
We, in India, have book banks in schools. Children can get books from the book banks because once you pass the class, you don't need the same text-books in the next class so donate it and other children can take and use the same books.
These are not created by aliens but by human beings… no, not by foreigners or by people of another religion, but by us.
But some people don't use these and then you cry foul because some people are better off than you today. But did you work as hard as they did?
I remember the story of Dheerubhai Ambani. He was not from a rich family. He was a poor man, too. But he worked hard… really hard. And thanks to his work and intelligence and ability to risk all that he had, today, his family, his children are rich.
So why should we feel jealous of him? Did he steal something from our house? So many people work for Reliance industries. Of course, they are not as rich. But where would they be had Sh. Dheerubhai Ambani not done anything, not taken any risk?
Several years ago, they made a movie about him. Of course, it never became a blockbuster. Maybe it's not 100% true (as it is a movie) but still it taught me how important it is to work harder.
Look at today's politicians who cry unfair because Ambanis are so rich. Your parents didn't do anything that is not Ambanis' fault. You can do something so that your children have a better life. Of course, you are not Ambani. Do little that you can. Don't depend on others. That's the lesson we learn. We have to work hard. Dreaming is not enough.
Hard work is the key to success. Of course, you can't succeed a lot if you are not intelligent and/ or if you don't study and work hard as a kid.
Two examples: Examples of people of different castes. But their lives were difficult. If they succeeded, it was because they were intelligent and hard-working.
You may say that I am lazy but I am not rich. But I am not materialist or jealous of the two either. I am proud that in India poor people can become rich if they are intelligent and hard-working. Of course, some politicians and materialists will keep shouting against the Ambanis because they are rich and those who shout are from middle class families. I won't. My happiness doesn't lie in money. I have enough to eat. That's enough for me.
My role model has never been someone like Ambani.
My role model was and is Madame Marie Curie. She led a difficult life but I would have loved to be at least half as good and happy as she was with little that she had.
What about you?

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