Sunday, 10 July 2016

And the circle continues...

These days people keep on talking about things without really going into the history. Oh! This family is the one that owns everything. They do everything in the world.
But do this people who believe in all these stories full of conspiracy theories actually know ABC about the families that they are talking about?
Were these families not like ours to begin with? But they earned money because they worked hard and used their brains while others were busy doing God knows what. I don't believe in conspiracy theories. I know that God has given me a brain and two hands and I can win anyday.
And no, I don't believe in the power of families and that oh! they are doing this etc etc.
How can they do this?
Simply because they have money.
But why?
Well, others want part of that fortune.
Well, it's easy money.
Whose fault is it?
It is the fault of that family.
Their faut because they have money.
Why do they have money?
It's ancestral property.
How did they get that property?
Their ancestors gave it to them.
How did their ancestors get it?
Their ancestors gave it to them.
And why don't you have that much money?
Our ancestors didn't give us anything.
They didn't have anything.
Yes, no reply. I am not talking about people who were tortured and were targets of genocide. They have managed to rise above that.
The poor of this world are those whose ancestors had the opportunity but... God knows what was more important.
Chandragupta Maurya was a poor boy. But he rose to found a big Kingdom. Why? Simply because he accepted and respected the teacher who found him and helped. He worked hard on that path. God had given him a brain and two hands. He used those.
If your ancestors didn't do anything, it is not someone else's fault. Is it?
If you don't do anything, then you will continue this whole story till eternity. Your descendants will be in the same state in which you are. Whose fault will it be?
Of course, that of others.
Why? Why not yours?
You complain about Rockefeller family?
But do you know the first man that we are talking about?
His name was?
Sorry, I didn't get it.
Oh! You don't know. Was he really rich?
eh... again this lack of reply. Why?
So why do you keep complaining about these people?
They are rich and they rule the world.
What stops you from getting rich?
I have no money. I didn't inherit anything.
Does that mean that you can't create a paradise of your own?
That's really difficult.
So it was easy for the Rockfeller family?
Well, they have it.
Now, just have a look at this one -
The Rockefeller legacy began with a 16-year-old bookkeeper in Cleveland, Ohio, whose greatest ambitions were to earn $100,000 and live 100 years. His formal business training included a ten-week class in accounting, as well as a con-artist father who was known to say, “I cheat my boys every chance I get. I want to make ‘em sharp,” according to the biography John D. Rockefeller: Anointed with Oil... (Please click the link to read more)
Now think, who was the first one of this family to earn a lot of money? A man who worked as a bookkeeper at the age of 16.
Was he born rich?
Doesn't seem so. Else he wouldn't have worked as a bookkeeper. Do you think he did it just for fun?
So please think before you start spreading stories. If Rockfellers are rich today then it's simply because they used their brains and two hands that God gave them. But God gives those to all human beings. We have the same opportunity. It depends on them.
Complaining won't get us anywhere. We must use the brain and two hands that God gave us.
It's our turn.
Let's do it.
No need to be violent.
Just brain and two hands. A lot of intelligence and hard-work.
Are you willing?
Or do you just want to complain, complain and complain...
It's difficult.
I'm sure it is. It must have been difficult for William Rockfeller too. Or was it fun?
Think before you speak. Think before you accuse.

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