Sunday, 20 November 2016

Let There be Peace

Why fight when we are one?

One thing is common in all religions – Brm.

Hindus call him ‘Parampita Brahm’ (The Highest/ supreme/ ultimate father Bramh).   Pay attention that we “h” is not really pronounced as it is usually pronounced in Hindi and Sanskrit.  And the ‘A’ in "Brahma" (as it is pronounced these days) is a recent addition thanks to English because they didn’t understand that ‘a’ is inherent in the ‘ma’ and there’s some difference in ‘ma’ and ‘maa’.

Jews call him Abraham originally AbramBrhm is common between Hinduism and Judaism.
Parampita Bramh’ is one of the “Tridev” (Three Gods/ Deities/ Giants).

Also, for Jews, he is one of the “three” patriarchs.  Again Three is common between the two oldest religions.

Now, Saraswati is the wife Bramh.

And who is the wife of Abrahm?  Sarah.

Again common roots “Sara” between the two names.

Of course there are books and articles that say that Brahma is not mentioned in Vedas.  Now they can't say that Saraswati, too, isn't mentioned.  Here's a verse from Rigved (the first ved according to some people) -

It is the 10th Verse of the 3rd Sukta of Rigved and it speaks of Saraswati that makes us pure, gives "us" food, intelligence and wealth and requests her to make the Yagya successful with knowledge and karmas (deeds, works, etc.).

And here's another one with Ila, Saraswati and Mahi in Atharvaveda Sukta 3 on page 4 and is Verse 10 of Rigved.

First the alphabet "L" is not written as we write it today.  I've heard that they used to write it like that in Devanagri till a few decades ago and it's with time that they actually changed it.

Also, most Hindus have never heard of a Divinity (or Goddess) called Ila and are surprised to discover that this word actually exists in... Arabic... what's even more surprising is that it means illah/ ellah = God .. as in God of seas, God of Love .. etc ..; spelled (إله) in Arabic, and pronounced (e-lah).

But it seems that 'Ila' is mentioned in Purans but the modern Hindus have forgotten that divinity.

And here's one in which Bramh is mentioned.

It's Brahma who's mentioned in Verse 5 of Sukta 15 on Page 17 of Rigved.  Here' the prayer is for Indra who is requested to drink Somras from the vessel of a yogi who's ealised Brahma because he's a close friend that person and/ or Brahma (not clear from this Verse).

So the people who say that Brahma and Saraswati aren't mentioned in Vedas have to think again because if you have vedas you can read and find these verses and many more and that in Rigveda which is said to be the oldest Veda.  Yes, both are mentioned in Vedas.  All you need is some time (a lot) to read.

Hindus don’t know the time of Parampita Bramh.  

The Jews, too, don’t know the exact date when Abrahm existed.  It can’t be related to any specific time. 

So true for both.

And if you read carefully, you can actually see the similarities but then one has to know things and analyse not just say to appear as the Supreme Being.

Many other faiths came later and inherited similar stories. 

Christians call him – Abraham, normal because Christianism started from the west where there were more Jews.   

And Muslims call him Ibrahim. Again, same region, the region where Jews used to live.

So what is the reason behind all these fights in this world?

Why quarrel?  The reason – simple - some people want to rule and want everyone to agree with what they are saying and do what they want.  Why agree?  Why not agree to disagree?  Why not accept each other and stop all these stupid fights and continue on the Path of Bramh / Abram / Abrahm / Abraham / Ibrahim and Saraswati and Sara?

But think what we can achieve if we worked together?  If all of us accepted each other and our differences then wouldn’t this world be much more beautiful?

OK you are poor then work harder, use your brains and achieve what your ancestors couldn’t.  Why show that I am the biggest of ‘em all?

Why not become one of everyone in this universe?

Why say that my faith is the best when the beginning is the same?  It’s just that some people wanted to rule and be better so…

Are you really giving something to this earth, life and humanity?

If not, then why do all this?

Why all these differences?

Think.  Think before you act.  Why only negative reaction all the time?  Why not proper and rational thought?

Your leader told you this… so what?  Change the leader.  Refuse to accept someone like that as a leader and if no follower then no leader.

Real equality starts when you accept yourself as the leader of your own life.  You are what you are.  No one can rule over you.  You decide for yourself and it’s OK as long as you don’t hurt or harm any other living being.  Why bow your heads before other “men” or “women”?

If you must then bow it only in front of God (in whatever form you think him/ her to be).  When one does Namaste, it’s in front of the soul, that’s part of God, that one bows one’s head.  The body doesn’t count.  All living beings are equal.  Why fight?  Why kill?

Let peace dawn on this world.  Real peace comes from our acts and our inner peace is the beginning of everything.


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